Bursa Psychoanalytical Days, started in 2010 with the heading “Why Psychoanalysis?”. The aim of the meeting was to introduce psychoanalysis and to have the opportunity to talk about it. Since then, members of Istanbul Psychoanalytical Association and the mental health professionals living in Bursa have been coming together every year to make their presentations and contributions to psychoanalytical thinking. Having reached this goal over the years, psychoanalysis in Bursa is now not an alien or an utopian issue anymore and increasing number of participants from all around Turkey as well as participants from Bursa gives us hope about the future.

Bursa Psychoanalytical Days
25 November 2017
26 November 2016
21 November 2015
29 November 2014
21 December 2013
15 December 2012
24 December 2011
29 January 2011
16 January 2010