"Discussions on Youth" has been running since 2000, inviting those who work with adolescents to think, share and discuss this difficult period of life. Adolescence is defined as a period in which what is inherited from the previous generations is merged with one's own creations. It is a stage of life where each individual tries to formulate his/her identity by combining what's passed on with what is newly created in the transition to adulthood. This is a second period in life after infancy which is full of "firsts"; first love, first sexual experiences. It also includes first steps to a career, rebelling against society, separation from family. It is a phase where love and anger, mourning and hope come together in the new psychic structure. The multidimensionality of this period and its problems will be explored in this two-day symposium. The symposium is organized annually in May or June and aims to bring together all areas of human sciences in addition to psychiatry, psychology and psychoanalysis.