Istanbul Psychoanalytic Association provides psychoanalytic training with the support and approval of International Psychoanalytic Association, to clinicians who desire to become psychoanalysts. Candidates who have completed their personal psychoanalysis can apply for psychoanalytic training. The process begins after the candidate is interviewed by the association’s training committee, which assumes the responsibility of the training, and includes supervisions and theoretical seminars with training psychoanalysts. The supervision sessions and seminars are given by IPA members of the association in Turkey, as well as by IPA members and training analysts invited from other countries. 

One of the objectives of Istanbul Psychoanalytic Association is to ensure that psychoanalysis in Turkey is performed along the tradition initiated by Freud. The association aims both to be a part of the international psychoanalysis family, and at the same time be a distinct and unique member of that family. It works towards these objectives with a continuously growing membership, a diverse range of activities, several publications, backed by the support of the psychiatrists and psychologists of the country.