Defined as a “book series that opens to all human sciences through the window of psychoanalysis”, Dream/Thought was launched in the year 2000. Designed by Ayça Gürdal Küey as a series that would embrace both dreams and thinking, Dream/Thought has since then aimed to publish books that introduce and discuss psychoanalytic theory and practice, as well as books on life and culture in general. The editor’s inspiration came from the joint sessions during the final editing of Talat Parman’s book Ergenlik ya da Merhaba Hüzün (Adolescence or Hello Sadness), which later assumed an important place in psychoanalytic literature in Turkish and is regarded as the first book of the Dream/Thought series. Another source of inspiration was the French author, analyst and editor J. B. Pontalis, whose entire work in the Turkish language has been published by Dream/Thought. The series has also published the works of several other theoreticians including W. Bion, J. Kristeva, C. Bollas, and E. Berman, as well as books that psychoanalytically discuss various conditions and phenomena such as “boarding schools”, “within the house”, “laughing”, and the Gezi Park protests of 2013. Books on womanhood and femininity also constitute a small library of their own. Dream/Thought has gradually expanded with contributions by analysts from Turkey and the world. It has also made a significant contribution to the ongoing development and evolution of psychoanalytic terminology in Turkish. Especially “Reading Freud” by J. M. Quinodoz, which is the 50th book of the series, offers an important guideline for this terminological effort.

Dream/Thought Series: 51

Understanding Baby

Jeanne MAGAGNA, Nergis GÜLEÇ

translated into Turkish by Serap SERBEST SAYGILI

Dream/Thought Series: 50 

Reading Freud 

Jean-Michel QUİNODOZ 

translated into Turkish by Bahar KOLBAY, Özge SOYSAL

Dream/Thought Series: 49

Thinking Gezi through Psychoanalysis 

by Istanbul Psychoanalytical Association Gezi Study Group

Dream/Thought Series: 48

Tales of Love 


translated into Turkish by İsmail YERGUZ

Dream/Thought Series: 47

Psychopathology of Body Experience 

Rosine DEBRAY, Christophe DEJOURS, Pierre FEDİDA 

translated into Turkish by Özen ALEMDAR

Dream/Thought Series: 46

The Patient and The Psychoanalyst 

Joseph Sandler, Christopher Dare, Alex Holder 

translated into Turkish by: Taner ÖZEK, Ali Algın KÖŞKDERE, Serhat YÜCEL

Dream/Thought Series: 45

The Learning Relationship
translated into Turkish by Göver KAZANCIOĞLU, Alper ŞAHİN, Erkan UĞUZALP, Evrem TİLKİ

Dream/Thought Series: 44

Learning from Experience
Wilfred BİON
translated into Turkish by Taner GÜVENİR, Lalecan İŞCANLI EKİN

Dream/Thought Series: 43

Those Women
translated into Turkish by Talat PARMAN