The members of the Istanbul Psychoanalytical Group started their journey in 1994 with the objective of institutionalizing psychoanalysis in Turkey. They decided that publishing a periodical was a must, along with founding an association and organizing activities to introduce psychoanalysis. A few years after the initial activities, in 2000, the first publications and the first issue of the periodical “Psychoanalytic Writings” were published. This periodical was designed in the form of a periodical/book. Since it would be published twice a year, in spring and autumn, it was named “a book series for Spring”. However, it was always defined as a “periodical”. Like many other psychoanalytical periodicals, “Psychoanalytic Writings” features a special folder in each issue. These folders sometimes elaborate on a basic theme of psychoanalysis, and sometimes a contemporary issue. In each folder there are translations of important historical or contemporary theoreticians, along with original essays by psychoanalysts and writers from Turkey. The objective is to become a part of international psychoanalysis. The heading “other topics” intends to include a wider range of issues to reach the above-mentioned objective. “Psychoanalytic Writings” has been a dynamic periodical for the last 15 years with a renewed editorial and advisory board.